5 Senses Design product detail
5 Senses Design product detail

Birex has researched many unique solutions to help us perform everything we need to do and love to do. Because life involves many daily necessities: cleaning, washing, ironing, tidying. But also the multitudinous passions great and small, each involving a particular space and specific objects. Birex renders these moments more simple and therefore more beautiful: through design that never goes out of fashion and long lasting quality.

A home where you feel surrounded by ideas, details and satisfaction.

5 Senses Design product detail

BIREX furniture is water and moisture resistant.

The panels we use are environmentally friendly, deriving from recycled wood.

Certified durability and resilience via rigorous catas testing.

The scratch-resistant finishes are realised in water based acrylics.

The entire chain of production is 100% italian.

5 Senses Design product detail

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