5 Senses Design product detail

A universe of exclusive textiles and velvets available in a wide range of high quality, handmade sartorial accessories. unique items that with each season evoke ever new images, moments and atmospheres but conserve a strong identity which will not fade with time.

Style and quality are the strongholds of the lʼOpificio family company which has an international presence in over 40 countries through a network of unique and selected retail stores.

5 Senses Design product detail

Speaking of Made in Italy quality means talking about all those qualities that contribute to the success of a fabric or a unique piece.

A l’Opificio creation is a product that combines the ability to select materials in a style that seems to be simple, but that implies attention to colour, comfort and refinement of materials, with an additional asset, the human element found only in a creation of superior craftsmanship, with attention to detail, from beginning to end.

5 Senses Design product detail

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