5 Senses Design product detail

Launched in March 2013, the company specializes in luxury home accessories made in Plexiglas©, better known as Lucite, pushed beyond the most obvious borders of expression.Each piece is hand-finished, made entirely in Italy by the Florentine workshop or on the larger site just outside the city. Silia is an instance of authentic “Made in Italy”, and believing in the importance of supporting satellite enterprise at local level, the company prefers to work with equally excellent artisans in the province of Florence. The aim is not the mere creation of refined furnishing accessories but rather the forging of unique, precious pieces.

5 Senses Design product detail

Lucite, such a contemporary material at heart, is worked with an almost old-style approach within a state-of-the-art concept. There is no leeway for mass production in Silia and the human touch is always to the fore, defining the standard of every stage of manufacturing.The equipment used, modified to achieve the highest standards of perfection, has a personality of its own.

The range of colours is an infinite palette of nuances obtained with craft techniques.

5 Senses Design product detail

Polishing is also done by hand, with the lightness of touch that no machine can mimic. Despite its youth, Silia soon made an impact at international level. Its strength is not in its strategy, but in the truth of a story told without seeking to be something other than it really is: superb material combined with a solid design concept, shunning cliché. Silia tells the inspiring Italian story of a creative process unique in its genre.

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