The Belgian brands an unstoppable source of inspiration through travel and discovery. Each candle tells a different story: the name, the perfume and the materials used are closely linked. The latest creations, each as prestigious and refined as the previous, transport you to new destinations.

5 Senses Design product detail

Fragrant journeys that reincarnate Chinese landscapes, Russian steppes or Egyptian pyramids…

5 Senses Design product detail

The raw materials are selected for their superior quality and ecological attributes. The fragrances are elaborated by a renowned perfumer in Grasse; the temple of perfumery. The mineral, non-oily wax and the wicks made of Egyptian cotton, will ensure longevity. Finally, the iconic black box made by a Belgian craftsman exudes elegance.

5 Senses Design product detail

Baobab Collection first saw the light of day in 2002, in the enchanting landscape of Tanzania, a country rich in intense colors and bewitching perfumes. The collection of hand- made scented candles is designed in Belgium since 2004. The full magnitude of its African heritage is represented in the “All Seasons” line that is made up of ten exclusive colors and fragrances.

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